Protection for apartment/condominium Buildings

Communication Structure

The global supervision of a building is provided by a group of intelligent wireless detectors (ID) that communicate with the controller (RCN) they are matched with. The Relay Station modules (WRS) can be added if a larger network coverage area is needed. All RCN are hardwired linked to the Control Panel (CP-1111) that handles all the alarms (detection, linkfault etc.) according the established parameters..

Document-Communication Structure.pdf

Example- Layout of an apartment

A controller (RCN) is matched with wireless detectors (ID), and wireless relay (WRS).

Example-Layout of a floor - 6 apartments

As showed on that plan, each RCN supervises 2 apartments. Apartments 1 & 2 are supervised by RCN #1, apts 3 & 4 by RCN #2 and apts 5 & 6 by RCN #3. The 3 RCN (controllers) of that floor are all connected on the same network cable (BUS). That cable is connected directly to the control panel CP-1111.

Example-Cutting view-Front Building 6 floors

The wirings for controllers RCN is showed here above with the connection of all RCNs on one or many network cables. Thus, a master network (INTRANET) allows a complete covering of the building in an autonomous and independent way. Consequently, the supervision and management of the entire system is executed without the intervention of another company.

Example- Building 6 floors Plan view

The plan view above shows 2 networks "A" and "B" with their detectors and relay which are all matched with their respective controller "RCN". The communication between wireless modules of a network and their controller is totally independent from other networks and cannot interfer with them.

Document - Plan view of both networks.pdf