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GIVE Systems focus on technology, research and innovation, in water detection industry to develop products more technologically advanced than any other comparable systems offered on the market.

Our systems are designed for both the residential and the industrial markets.

The new system CP-1111 has the capability to supervise more than 500 different points of detection, having each its own identification.

Our wireless detection modules use the XBee communication protocol which allows the devices to communicate via mesh network. Never before, a water detection system has offered so high degree of quality and reliability.

Our new addressable systems provide cost-effective and reliable solutions to a wide range of water detection applications: Industrial, commercial and luxury residential homes. They have the ability to pinpoint, with accuracy, the location of a leak, and above all, to control the automatic and programmable closing of valves.

More than that, GIVE System offers you state-of-the-art, made-to-measure and comprehensive water detection concepts systems for multiple ranges of applications and buildings.

Variety of systems designed for any type of building , hardwired or wireless.
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Explanations and drawings.

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Newest technology for wireless transmissions.

Examples: Installation layouts
Systems designed for industrial and commercial applications / Custom designs

No matter your specifications, our systems can be adapted to meet all your criteria for the detection of water and for the automatic closing of valves.

Our valve controllers offer a great flexibility because their capacity to be programmed, no matter the size or the brand of an automatic valve.

Our expertise allows us to assist you for the desing of your system, specifically adapted to your needs.

The exclusive design of our system MULTIZONE-SUPERVISION- CP-1111, allows installations combining hardwired and wireless components,in a way to be able to cover areas or distances over 300 meters.

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Mesh Network - ZigBee Protocol

Thanks to the ZigBee protocol, each component being a part of a wireless installation performs a dual role by transmitting and receiving datas directly or with the help of its neighbours.

Consequently, a transmission signal having difficulty to reach its destination will have the possibility to use different ways to do so.

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As shown in the left drawing, the wireless components can communicate with their network controller they are associated with, by using different ways.


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